Where to Buy

Endive packaged for sale

California endive is always in season and can be found year-round throughout the US. Whether you use red, white or a combination of both, endive is an elegant and delicious addition to your diet. We grow both conventional and organic endive. You can purhcase our organic product at Whole Foods nation-wide, while our conventional product can be found locally at these locations:

Nugget Market Mollie Stone's Raley's
Bel-Air Nob Hill Most Co-op stores

Endive is normally located next to other specialty greens in the produce department. Look for heads with tightly packed leaves and a smooth, elongated shape. If you are unsure whether or not you have endive available near you, we suggest you simply contact the produce department of your local grocery store. To order endive directly, call us at (888) 436-3483 for pricing and shipping information.