Foodservice Packs

Endive Foodservice Packs

Two Versatile Varieties...

Organic & Conventional

California Pearl®  Beautiful white endive displays its creamy pale color as a result of growing in complete darkness. Its slightly bitter taste is a natural attribute of the chicory family.

Belles Rouges® An extraordinary red variety that is a cross between white endive and treviso, the red Italian chicory similar in size and shape to hearts of romaine lettuce. Belles Rouges endives are also forced in complete darkness, the red color owing to its genetic makeup.

Foodservice Packs

California Pearl 10 pound/40-50 count
(White) 10 pound/60-70 count (“Baby”)
Belles Rouges 8 pound/42-50 count
(Red) 8 pound/60-70 count (“Baby”)
Bi-Color 6 pound “Rouge et Blanche”
  (50/50 mix of red and white)