Endive & Wine - Winter Pairings

Sweet Potato and Bacon in Endive
Wine: Spicy Zinfandel

Simple and delicious, this appetizer is perfectly suited for holiday gatherings. Fill endive with sweet potatoes, crispy bacon and top with crème fraiche and enjoy with a glass of spicy Zinfandel.

Sweet Potato, Endive & Quinoa Salad
Wine: Chardonnay

Well-suited for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this hearty salad is perfect for the fall season. We suggest pairing this dish with Chardonnay.

Endive, Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Salad
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc


Roasted butternut squash and creamy goat cheese is one of our favorite fall combinations. A glass of full-bodied Sauvignon Blanc makes a perfect pairing for this dish.

Wine: Viognier


This wonderfully flavorful salad could serve as a great side dish or appetizer. To create an appetizer version simply place roasted beets, pears and walnuts in separated whole endive leaves and drizzle with dressing. Pair with a glass of crisp Viognier.

Endive Salad with Grilled Salami & Pears
Wine: Barbera

Grilled salami, sweet pears and sharp Romano produce a sophisticated, flavorful salad. The acidity and fruitiness of a Barbera will pair excellently with this dish.